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Saving a Chicago beach

This isn’t just any beach in Chicago I’m trying to save. In my opinion it’s the greatest beach in Chicago I’m trying to save. Chicago is known throughout the country for its beautiful front yard – we call it Lake Michigan . With its miles and miles of flowing tresses bordering one entire side of Chicago , many beaches are described as home to thousands of people from Memorial Day to Labor Day every year. I need your help.   The City of Chicago is strapped, economically speaking, and unless we “adopt” 57 th Street Beach and clean it up no one will be able to enjoy the wonderfulness that this beach offers in a myriad of ways: clean sands, numerous trees and bushes, beautiful landscaping and stonework, bike/walking paths, water fountains and BBQ grills. Oh, and let's not forget the field house on Promontory Point where weddings and receptions have taken place forever.   But some of you take this beach (and other beaches) for granted. Who cleans up the beach when City budget c

The importance of nothing

            “Nothin from nothin leaves nothin. You gotta have somethin, if you wanna be with me.”                                                                                     Billy Preston (The Fifth Beatle)                                                             This is a column about absolutely nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. Nothing in terms of what the heck am I going to write about today and will my fans (all four of you) be pissed off if I write about absolutely nothing? This prompted me to write about something. Exactly what though? I don’t know. I do recall however that Seinfeld was a television show that was on the air for a gazillion years and it was about nothing. Nothing is no thing , meaning, the absence of something . One of the earliest western philosophers to consider nothing as a concept was a guy named Parmenides , a 5 th century Greek philosopher. He argued that "nothing" cannot exist for the following reason: to speak of a thing, one has