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A Howard Watson Intrigue - Alberto Marino

Alberto Marino - the best.boss.ever. I'm going to write this as if Al won't ever see it. Unfortunately, he sees and knows everything, so it will only be a matter of time before he'll call me into his office and ask me to "stop putting the light in my face". Alberto Anthony Marino was born in an Italian ghetto in New York City.  Al likes to say it was ironic because the word "getto'' was first established in the 16th century in Venice, Italy.  His paternal uncle worked on New York's waterfront for over 30 years and would tell him often as a kid that he remembered  suffering the consequences of the anti-Italian sentiment that had spread like wildfire once the United States entered World War II.   His uncle's only crime was being born in Italy. But during the early years of World War II, that was enough to classify him as an “enemy alien”.  Even Joe DiMaggio’s parents in California weren’t spared from harassment, though their son