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A Howard Watson Intrigue - Tim Yamamoto

Happy New Year 2019. Glad you're still around.  I've been getting a lot of questions about one of my colleagues - Tim Yamamoto. He's a great guy and even greater Agent..but then again, I'm biased. Tim Yamamoto's father Akashi is straight up Japanese and his mother Carrie is half-Japanese and half-Black. During World War II, twelve year-old Akashi, along with his father, mother and older brothers, were shoved into an internment camp in Colorado. During this time the Japanese had to constantly prove that they were as American as anyone else. It didn't help that they lived on the west coast and it was  feared that the transplanted Japanese might be loyal to their mother country.   FDR's Executive Order 9066   gave the military broad powers to ban any citizen of Japanese heritage from living on a 50 to 60 mile-wide coastal area stretching from Washington state to California and extending inland into southern Arizona. Years after the war, Akashi's fathe