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The Avaricious ( A Howard Watson Intrigue)

The story started with a different working title, but once I got going on the plot, the idea that people can be greedy to the point of not caring about who they can hurt spoke to me to change the name to The Avaricious. Two scientists who had just invented the super microchip for the US Army had been missing for four days when the body of one washed up on the rocks of a lighthouse in the Chesapeake Bay. Only a select few experts outside the military knew that these scientists had invented this chip. FBI Supervisory Special Agent in Charge Howard Watson thinks otherwise. Where is the other scientist?  On the other side of the Chesapeake, in Baltimore, Maryland, three business associates who are making a financial killing selling leftover landmines to countries bracing for war are desperately searching for the other scientist, hoping this one, too, is dead.  What do these two events have in common? That's what Howard Watson and his team must find out quickly before another death. Onc