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A Howard Watson Intrigue - Welcome to my world

I am Howard Watson. I am an FBI Special Supervisory in Charge of a Washington, D.C. unit that focuses on weaponry, forensics and other illegalities that cross state lines. I have been an FBI Agent for over 20 years. I graduated from West Point Academy, fought in Vietnam and I am fluent in the Russian language. My wife Carol is an attorney and we have three sons, two of whom are twins. My oldest son is in law school and the twins are in 6 th grade. I have two younger sisters, both married, and happy to say, to some pretty level-headed men. Both sisters have two children. My parents are still alive and living in Brooklyn, New York. My family and I live in Virginia. I've tackled some pretty serious cases while an agent. Some of them have made me believe I wouldn't make it home alive. They included the Iranian rescue mission, capture of a major drug lord from Peru, the breakup of an illicit diamond ring in Philadelphia, the secretive but amazingly lucrative world