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A Howard Watson Intrigue - My Father

My father, my influence Although my mother Anne was masterful at keeping me and my father George from constantly bickering, he and I always remained at opposite ends of the totem pole when it came to politics and vocations. Ironically my two younger sisters fought more with my dad than I did. Go figure.  I was a high school student when I decided that I wanted to be an FBI Agent.  Our social studies class had been studying the JFK assassination and the FBI had impressed me considerably with its professionalism and degree of intelligence. My father couldn't understand why a black person, especially his son, would want to work for an arrogant, white, elitist group like the FBI.  I, of course, did not agree with his assessment. I felt that minorities had been afraid to apply to the Bureau for fear of peer pressure. However, my father continuously conveyed his feelings about my pursuing a "safe" career like medicine or engineering, and not the FBI.  That  wasn&