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A Howard Watson Intrigue - Female Agents

Me and the Female Agents "What's it like working with women FBI Agents?"  I 've been asked this question so many times that you'd think I would be sick of answering it by now. You would be right. I always say the same thing, "It's as if I'm working with men."  Sounds lame? Yeah, but maybe I'm just tired of the question. Unfortunately I do recognize why the question always comes up since  only 20 percent of the Bureau’s 13,667 agents are women, and, sadly to say 83 percent of the agents overall are white.  Indeed, 10 months before being fired as director of the FBI by President Trump, James Comey called the situation a "crisis." In 1972, after Mr. Hoover died,  the FBI opened up the position of special agent to women.  Although one of the first two women hired  was also appointed the first female agent to run a field office, her assignment was in Anchorage, Alaska, which was not then, nor is it now, at the center of the a