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A Howard Watson Intrigue - Phil Davenport

Hello again. Glad you can join me. Ok, the question that's been asked a lot. "What's up with you and Phil Davenport, the FBI Agent from Chicago?" Hope you like the answer. If you read THE PACT you will know that I met Phil Davenport in the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia. He had a very solid upbringing in an upscale suburb outside Cleveland, Ohio. I believe the Academy humbled him in many ways. But then again Quantico put all of us through a regimen that tested our fiber. Phil seemed always amazed at the thought that 80% of the new entrants made it through the Academy. What he failed to grasp was that the real test was getting in to the Academy. Phil and his roommate Michael Gras and my roommate John Mason and I became fast friends. In the beginning Phil preferred John's company because he told me years later that he thought I was aloof, even somewhat standoffish. I was floored. He also told me that at the beginning of our relationship he thought I was