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Adopt A Beach

I was just thinking (this could be dangerous) about fresh clean water and how we take it for granted. According to the World Bank, as many as two billion people lack adequate sanitation facilities to protect them from water-borne disease, while a billion lack access to clean water altogether. According to the United Nations, which has declared 2005-2015 the “Water for Life” decade , 95 percent of the world’s cities still dump raw sewage into their water supplies. So it should come as no surprise to know that 80 percent of all the health maladies in developing countries can be traced back to unsanitary water. The leading cause of child death in the world is diarrhea. Each year, children under age 5 suffer 1.5 billion episodes of diarrhea, 4 million of which are fatal. Even for the children who survive, this chronic diarrhea prevents them from thriving as they should. All because of unsanitary water. I’m asking for two hours on April 30 to help us clean just one of Chicago ’s beac

Coal versus Natural Gas

Some of you know that I know there is no such thing as “clean coal”. This marketing tool is making its rounds and shouldn’t. In the U.S. coal has been the Big Papa for generating electricity. As recently as 2006, it provided 49 percent of the electric capacity while natural gas usage comprised 20 percent, nuclear power 19 percent, hydroelectric power 7 percent and wind/solar 2 percent.  A major reason why natural gas has not surpassed coal nation-wide is probably the lack of sufficient infrastructure as more pipelines are needed to carry natural gas to large consuming areas like the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast. About half the gas produced in Texas is exported to other states. Coal advocates point out that the major advantage coal may have over natural gas is the price. But coal accounts for almost 40 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions in the United States . Coals’ pollution begins when it is mined, continues when it is burned and lasts long after it has been used. Ever he

Welcome to JoAnn's World

Okay all my friends and family - I have finally made it into the 21st century by having my own blog - OMG!!! How does this differ from Examiner ?  I can talk about greening the community AND restaurants til I'm blue (uh brown) in the face. NO ONE telling me I have to stay within my geographical area of the city. But this is what I'm asking from you - tell me what you'd like to know - in the realm of environmental issues of course (global warming, clean water issues, energy alternatives, organic/urban farming, etc.). Also, tell me about a new restaurant (as long as it's in Chicago) and why you think I should visit. And puhleeze - comment. I won't know if you enjoy or dislike what I write if you don't comment. I'll be writing weekly so look for my stuff. BTW, my cat Garvey (G) says "meow". As always - Peace. JoAnn