Climate Change and man-made diseases

Is there any correlation between climate change and the new diseases touching down on earth?
The simple answer is "Yes," says Erin Lipp, professor of environmental health at the University of Georgia. "For example, heat waves will result in more heat-related illnesses and deaths. This is a direct effect of climate change. Climate change has a more indirect effect on infectious diseases, with climate and shifts in weather patterns influencing the pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc.) and their hosts (insects or other animals), and consequently how humans are exposed."
According to some spiritualists, events occur in the universe that humans can't possibly claim as instigated or created. But what is created by us is the degree to which these occurrences impact our life:
Bird Flu (The outbreak was linked to handling infected poultry. H5N1 occurs naturally in wild waterfowl, but it can spread quickly to domestic poultry); Cholera is considered a Pandemic, by eating food or drinking water that is unclean; Lyme Disease can also transmit other diseases and infect pets and livestock; Ebola (Scientists believe that it is animal-borne and most likely comes from bats, which carry the Ebola virus to other animals and humans; this virus is lethal to humans and primates and has no cure); Sleeping sickness (global warming is changing the distribution of the tsetse fly that carries the disease); Tuberculosis (both the human and livestock varieties are likely to increase because droughts bring livestock and wildlife into closer proximity at watering holes); Yellow Fever (mosquitoes spread this disease).

Some of the above risks are increasing as a result of human encroachment on remaining wild landscapes, which include mining, logging, rapid global transport (jet travel) that promote the speedy spread of disease, as well as global trade in both livestock and wildlife.

The new word is Coronavirus. However, it's always something; the overwhelming majority of diseases below were furnished via yours truly - us humans:

1633 -  Smallpox - human
1793 - Yellow Fever - mosquitoes
1832 - Cholera - human
1858 - Scarlet Fever - human
1906 - Typhoid Fever - human
1918 -  The Flu - birds and pigs
1921 -  Diptheria - human
1916-1955 - Polio - human
1961 -1991 - Measles - human
The 1980s- Present - HIV and AIDS - human/primates
1993:  Contaminated water in Milwaukee - human
2002 -  Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) - human
2006 - North American E.Coli outbreak - pesticides
2008-  Salmonella outbreak - pesticides
2009 - Flu Pandemic - human
2010 - WhoopingCough - human
2013 - Zika virus - mosquito
2014 - Flint water crisis - human
2019 - Newark water crisis - human
2020 - Coronavirus Pandemic - ??

Climate change is real. When are we going to take care of this planet we call earth, a synonym for home?



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